Situation with regulation of internet activities in Russian Federation is “shitty”

The head of the union for human right Mikhail Fedotov believes that the situation with legal regulation of activities on the Internet in Russia is not great due to the fact that a number terms are absent from current legislation.

“Unfortunately the situation with legal regulation of Internet activities is very unfortunate and we are very behind on this account. All our attempts to regulate something in this area are not systematic and very chaotic”, -said Fedotov.

Fedotov compares the attempts to regulate legal relationships in this area with building of a house, which despite everything is built not from the foundation, but from the upper floors. He notes that constitutional base for legal regulation does exist, but it is absent from current legislation. “Despite the fact that terms “website” and “Internet” have become very common, they do not have a legal definition”, – added Fedotov. According to his words there is not basic law, which would define basic terminology and the limits of state regulations in this area”.
Source: RIA News

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