A scientist from Tomsk found the way to minimize the habit of “sticking” on the Internet

According to the press service of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), a scientist Alexander Pogozhev developed an application that will restrict access to social networks, online games and other sites at user’s option. Currently, the application is designed for computers, but in the future it is planned to adapt it for tablets and smartphones.

Unlike analogies, this program allows users to restrict access to any number of web portals that specify the daily limit of their time-of-use. According to the press service, this application will help minimize the habit of “sticking” on the Internet. It is intended only for those users who consciously want to improve their self-organization.

The program can also be a more perfect analogue of the “parental control” – the program with this feature usually only block access to harmful sites, whereas it is impossible to set the time frame limitation.

In his interview, Pogozhev said that in the application there will be provided the opportunity for users to extend the use of the site on which the restriction is imposed. To do this, a user will be transferred to the special “fine” account  for non-contract with yourself. From there, the money will be transferred to one of the charities’ account.

Source: ТАСС

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