YouTube Kids is now available on Android and iOS

Yesterday YouTube released an application for children - YouTube for Kids that only plays age-appropriate videos and has a simplified design that even young children who can’t read will be able to navigate. Now the application is available in the USA and on Android and iOS, but soon it will be available in other countries. Earlier we published the news about Google plans of the YouTube for Kids version.

The application contains a number of parental controls. There’s a timer that sets viewing limits, and you’ve also got sound options at your disposal to cut off music or sound effects if you’ve heard all the Thomas the Tank Engine you can stand for one day. Search can also be disabled, a move that restricts your kids programming options to what’s on the app’s home screen. YouTube says it’s just getting started with the app and is inviting parents to send in feedback; there’s a space for doing so built right into the app.

YouTube for Kids is broken up into four sections: shows, music, learning, and explore. And with this being YouTube, you’ll find a pretty extensive vault of popular children’s content from Reading Rainbow, DreamWorks TV, Jim Henson TV, Mother Goose Club, Talking Tom and Friends, and others.

It is not yet clear whether Google is going to spread advertising  on younger audience as they do it  with adults. In December, the company made it clear that it is not averse to increase profits through advertising “safe and fun” products for children.

Source: The Verge

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