What is illegal content?

Illegal content is a content which propagandizes extremism, terrorism, drugs, pornography, cult of cruelty and violence.

Why do we need a hotline?

Hotline is a public service which allows every Internet user to report encountered illegal content anonymously and fast so that the content could be removed from the web and could not harm users, particularly children.
Hotlines exist in many countries of the world (combined into the INHOPE network) and operate as public organization with support if society and business.

Why does public organization deal with illegal content?

Kazakhstani civil society and public organizations have to be intolerant towards illegal internet content and promote this attitude within the community. First of all, the hotline contributes to creation of safe internet space in Kazakhstan for users themselves. This is particularly important for young generation of users. Experts from the internet community analyze all reports that come through the hotline and contact providers, administrators of internet services, owners of internet resources and domain names in order to determinate access to illegal content.

What should be reported through the hotline?

The hotline deal with the following complaints:
- Propaganda and justification of terrorism, enrolment into terrorism organizations;
- Child pornography and sexual exploitation of minors;
- Online grooming;
- Fomentation of racial, national and religious antagonism;
- Distribution and propaganda of drugs;
- Propaganda of violence and violent crimes…

How does hotline work?

A user has to fill in the message form of the hotline, indicate their details (name, surname, email), chose the category from the dropdown menu, indicate the topic and exact address of the website (URL) which contains illegal content, and press the «SEND» button.
This message is forwarded to the analyst, who checks:
- Whether the link (URL) provided by the user works;
- If the content is available;
- If there are signs of illegal content in the material;
- If the category indicated by the user is the correct one.
If the answer for one of these questions in «no», the report is terminated, or the correct category is indicated.
In case there are signs of «problematic» content:
- Contents from abroad is forwarded to the relevant hotline abroad
- If the content is located in Kazakhstani, the report is forwarded to administration of the resource as well as domain registration body and internet provider so that action could be taken. If necessary, actions in accordance with the law are taken.

What kind of internet threats are there?

There are internet threats of the following types:
-Soft- and hardware;
Content internet threats – creation and distribution of content that can harm an individual, specifically cyberbullying, distribution of personal and intimate images, images of sexual exploitation of minors (child pornography), propaganda of terrorism, extremism, racism, nationalism, sects, and propaganda of drugs.

If you have questions in regards to illegal content, found on the Internet, you can contact our specialists: questions@safekaznet.kz