About project

Hotline for illegal internet content prevention and response has been created at the initiative of the Internet Association of Kazakhstan and up the present day the project is patronized by the Association.

ОЮЛ One of the main goals for the Internet Association of Kazakhstan (IAK) is popularization of national segment of Internet and promotion of its development as harmonious environment which takes into account the interests of all its users.

Safekaznet.kz has been created exactly for this purpose. The citizens can use this website to leave messages in a form of a link to web resources within the Kazakhstani segment of Internet which contain materials of unacceptable and offensive content. Specialists of the hotline analyze these messages and in case of validity of a complaint they immediately contact the owner of the resource or the hosting provider in order to take action to remove the illegal content.

The Safekaznet.kzhotline allows to report illegal content and there’s also a telephone number available which can provide the reporter with a feedback on the status of his complaint. This hotline is a unique project, initiated by the public organization on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The goal of the hotline is removal of illegal and aggressive content from Kaznet, assistance to the users and representatives of online-business in prevention of distribution of illegal materials. The hotline receives and reviews reports from Internet users about resources which have characteristics of illegality, analyses their content, determines their technical characteristics, and after that forwards the information to Kazakhstani internet providers and owners of the internet resources in order to remove the illegal content or block the website.If there are signs of violation of the law, the information about illegal content and resources of forwarded to law-enforcement bodies. The hotline carries out its work in close interaction with the leading representatives of Kazakhstani internet-industry and it is the only hotline of its kind in Kazakhstan.

Similar hotlines already operate in many countries of the world and contribute to prevention of distribution of illegal content on the Internet.

UCurrently the hotline is supported by Kcell JSC which became the first representative of the business community to support the safer internet project.